All about the Inspection process, and being an informed, educated Home Buyer! (please read!)

Key things I want you to know about your upcoming Home Inspection:

  • I work for You, as my client and no one else. Unless you authorize it, only you will receive a copy of the Home Inspection report. Many home buyers choose to have their agent receive a copy. Please indicate to me on the service contract if you do.
  • The Home Inspection is not a Code Compliance inspection. The Home Inspection is a Visual, performance-based, "non-invasive" inspection of the major systems and components of the home. This includes the Roof, the Exterior, Interior, Plumbing, Electrical, Structure, and HVAC. I will diligently look for evidence of "non-performance" of these components, or conditions that could lead to non-performance.
  • There are Limitations! I will inspect everything that is within the scope of my work - but if I can't see it or access an area, I can't inspect it; If there is a limitation that I encounter, I will tell you about it.   
  • Please understand - I cannot give you a "Pass/Fail" for the home. It's really not appropriate for me to say "Yes, buy it, or No, don't buy it."  It's my job to give you as much information as possible, so that you can make an educated and informed decision.
  • I cannot give you "market value" analysis or info for the Home. Please see your Real Estate professional for this. You've most likely already discussed this topic. 
  • Since I work for you, if you have any questions, please ask! If there's something that you see that I didn't mention - please let me know, and I will be happy to address it. I want to ensure that you understand all the information that I will be providing.   There will be a lot of information.   There will be plenty of pictures. Not to scare anyone, but be aware - Home Inspection reports are normally 40+ pages; 50 pages or more is not abnormal.  I strive to make my reports easy to read. 
  • Understand that the Home Inspection reports are not all necessarily bad news;  but it is my job to specifically point out any deficiencies that need to be brought to your attention - so that is what will be in the Report that you receive. It is a "snapshot" of the homes condition at the time of the Inspection. Again, it is not a Code Compliance check, design analysis or engineering calculation.  I will do my utmost to be as accurate as I am able within the inspection criteria, so you can have a clear depiction of the home you want to buy.
  • I will be looking at how the building's systems have performed over time, and what the deficiencies might be.  Some things that are found may necessitate further evaluation or a more invasive investigation, i.e., by a licensed Contractor or Certified Engineer.  If so, I will recommend you  do so; whether you do or not will be solely your decision. 
  • I expect to take 3-4+ hours for your Inspection.  I like to be thorough, so depending on all the variables, (Sq. footage, age of the home, etc.) the time will vary.  If you have any time constraints, be sure to let me know.